Marilyn Thornhil, the botany professor

Marilyn Thornhill, the botany professor

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Christina Ricci returns as Marilyn Thornhill, the botany professor.

Christina Ricci is returning to the role of Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s upcoming “Addams Family” reboot.

The 42-year-old actress, who gave the 1991 image of Wednesday in the hit “The Addams Family,” is also part of a new story. This time she got the role of benevolent botany teacher Marilyn Thornhill.

Christina Ricci played the role of Wednesday again in the 1993 sequel, “Addams Family Values,” and then starred in several ’90s hits, “Casper” and “Now and Then.” The actress also kept company with Johnny Depp in 1999’s “Sleepy Hollow” and James McAvoy in 2006’s “Penelope.”

In an interview for Elle magazine, Christina Ricci said she was thrilled with Jenna Ortega’s image. “I loved being Wednesday. I’m very proud of the role. And I also think Jenna Ortega is amazing. She’s so brave and so cool and really plays it sincerely,” the actress concluded.

Christina Ricci returns as Marilyn Thornhil

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