The character’s name is Enid, and she is played by Emma Myers

Emma Myers

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Wednesday has a sweet and hospitable roommate. The character’s name is Enid, and she is played by Emma Myers. Although the girl has good intentions, the main heroine feels annoyed by her “smothering” friendliness.

The character’s name is Enid, and she is played by Emma Myers


Emma Myers firmly decided to become an actress at the age of 16 and began to pursue her goal, starring in low-profile projects. The breakthrough in the film star’s career came thanks to a minor role in the TV series Wednesday, in which the girl portrayed her complete opposite.

Childhood and youth

Emma Myers Childhood and youth

Emma was born on April 2, 2002 in Orlando and grew up with two sisters. The family later moved to Atlanta, where she still lives today.

The girl was not in school and was homeschooled. With no experience with peers, the celebrity describes herself as introverted and a nerd.

As a child, Myers took choreography lessons, acted on the theater stage as a child, and did voice-overs for commercials. But most of her free time was spent in solitude.

The future movie star was fond of computer games and Japanese manga, in which she preferred charismatic villains rather than positive heroes. As a teenager she was a fan of emo culture and the bands Twenty One Pilots, Panic! At the Disco and Fall Out Boy.

The girl grew up on the Marvel superhero universe, the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars franchises. Once watching hobbits and orcs, Emma realized she wanted to shine on screens, too, and after her 16th birthday she started working hard at it.


Emma Myers A Taste of Christmas

Filming the young American actress began at the age of 8. Emma flashed in the extras of the detective series “The Swamps” and the drama “Letters to God” in such tiny roles that her name does not even appear in the credits. Then Myers disappeared from the screens for a decade.

The rising star continued to add to her filmography in 2020. The performer played cameo roles in the series “The Baker and the Pretty Woman,” and popped up in a supporting role in the family film “A Taste of Christmas.” A year later she appeared in the thriller “The Girl in the Basement”, based on real events, about the heroine, who was kept locked up by her father for almost a quarter of a century.

Personal life

Emma Myers Personal life

The performer adores the work of the South Korean band Seventeen and generally follows K-pop culture. She looks forward to the new episodes of “Mandalorean”, prefers zombie movies, especially “Train to Busan”, and loves both parts of the thriller “A Quiet Place”.

The actress finds her sense of humor silly and morbid. She is close to her family: every message to her relatives Emma provides with smiley hearts. Myers calls Iceland, which she visited in 2018, her favorite place in the world.

The height of the movie star is 160 cm.

Emma Myers Now

The actress had her first casting call for an upcoming project from Netflix, based on the Addams Family movies, in early 2021

The actress had her first casting call for an upcoming project from Netflix, based on the Addams Family movies, in early 2021. Growing up watching 1990s movies, Emma was a fan of The Thing, and when she learned that some of the series would be directed by Tim Burton, she set her sights on getting on the series by all means.

Over the next six months, Myers had several more auditions, including joint readings with the lead singer, Jenna Ortega. That audition failed because Emma burst into tears, but in the end the girl got the part. When the agent informed the actress, the Orlando native screamed for joy as loud as she had ever cried before.

The fresh series from Netflix was called Wednesday and was released in the fall of 2022

The fresh series from Netflix was called “Wednesday” and was released in the fall of 2022. The plot centers on the biography of Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega), who is sent to study at the Nevermore Academy for Outcasts. Myers portrayed Enid Sinclair, a roommate and the complete opposite of the main character. She is a San Francisco werewolf with a sweet personality, bubbling energy and optimism who loves everything bright.

At first, the dorm mates do not get along, but over the course of the plot become closer. Against this background, a storyline about the personal life of a werewolf girl develops as well. Miss Sinclair has romantic feelings for the gorgon Ajax Petropolis, played by Georgie Farmer. Enid’s relationship with her parents is also shown.

In preparation for her role, Emma reviewed the 1960s TV series, the first adaptation of the Addams story, which originally appeared in the pages of the magazine. Since the actress had not previously starred in fantasy, she had to undergo training in a stunt school. The girl also had a hard time getting used to talking about monsters and magic as everyday things.

Large-scale sets were created for filming, so Myers finally managed to feel like she was in a real school. The celebrity’s favorite was the prom scene, because she herself did not have a prom night.

The best friend of the main character (Enid) is also a werewolf

The Orlando native actively participated in working out the image of her character. Emma gathered a collection of pictures on Pinterest, which she discussed with the costume designers of the show. The girl also made the character’s style as colorful as possible, from multicolored nail polish on each nail to a bright snood.

Myers was nervous before working on the same set with such stars as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Louis Guzman and Christina Ricci, but they proved to be nice and helped the young colleague with her acting skills. Emma only failed to meet Fred Armisen because they didn’t have any scenes together.

In addition, the performer became friends with Jenna Ortega, Percy Hynes White and Johnna Dias-Watson. Colleagues took pictures together, celebrated birthdays, threw video game parties, and discussed movies and music. Emma admitted that sometimes it was hard for her to communicate with people, but she tried very hard.

In addition, the performer became friends with Jenna Ortega, Percy Hynes White and Johnna Dias-Watson


  • 2020 – “The Baker and the Pretty Woman”
  • 2020 – “A Taste of Christmas”
  • 2021 – “The Girl in the Basement”
  • 2022 – “Wednesday

Interesting Facts

  • There is an episode in the TV series “Wednesday” in which the main character dances at a ball. The scene, which began to be repeated by fans to Lady Gaga’s hit song Bloody Mary, released in 2011, went viral on social media. That’s how the song soared on the music charts 11 years after its release.
  • Emma dreams of starring in the same project with Oscar Isaac, whom she considers incredibly talented. Also the actress would like to work with Christopher Nolan and play the role of Catwoman.

Emma Myers on Preparing to be a Werewolf in Wednesday

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