Christina Ricci returns as Marilyn Thornhil, the botany professor

Christina Ricci

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As merit recognition from the Wednesday movie on Netflix, the performing team includes Christina Ricci. She depicted the girl in the 1991 movie.

Wednesday Addams was also played by her in the 1993 sequel. It became an iconic representation of the character. This time, it’s not the main role.

The actress joins the Wednesday Addams movie 2022 cast as the Academy’s dorm mom. Along with helping Wednesday and her roommate, Mrs. Thornhill teaches the students botany.

Christina Ricci as Mrs. Thornhill teaches the students botany

Biography of Christina Ricci

A somber child of the ’90s, Christina Ricci’s friendly ghost friend was one of the most recognizable young actresses of her generation. She seemed to be one step away from becoming a star for years to come. However, Ricci’s transition to roles in a different age range was not so easy – affected by screen image pressure, excessive media attention and not always successful attempts to find her niche in the industry.

At one point Christina disappeared from the radar altogether, leaving her fans perplexed. Today, the actress turns 42, and there’s a sense that we’re watching the rebirth of her career (an appearance in “The Matrix” as well as the success of the “Hornets” series). Let’s break down how Ricci’s creative journey began and where she’s been all these years.

A stellar childhood and the aftermath of early fame

Christina Ricci was only nine when she debuted in Mermaids with Winona Ryder and Cher

Christina Ricci was only nine when she debuted in Mermaids with Winona Ryder and Cher. The very next year she got the role of Wensday in “The Addams Family,” and the actress instantly became a teenage icon. Subsequent work in such films as “Casper” and “Now and Then” only strengthened the status of the young Hollywood star.

By the time Ricci came of age, she was already a leading actress in the industry. But, as is often the case, early fame became an anchor for her subsequent career. Ricci was still perceived as a little girl, and the image of the gothic heroine became synonymous with her image.

Wednesday Addams In the early 90s, Christina Ricci

Even today, most viewers know Christina only from her role as the daughter of Morticia and Gomez. And although the actress has tried to fill her filmography with bolder and more mature pictures, she has had a hard time getting rid of her rebellious role and the increased media attention.

In 2018, Ricci told The AV Club that fame at a conscious age gives you the right to choose who you want to be, but if you grow up and become famous at the same time, that opportunity is lost.

Finding yourself: from indie projects to historical roles

Christina Ricci had a period of independent films

After her stint in high-budget family films, Christina Ricci had a period of independent films. She tried to push her limits and establish herself in the acting field. “Sleepy Hollow”, “The Opposite of Sex”, “200 Cigarettes”, “Buffalo 66”, “Ice Wind” – all these tapes are proof that Ricci was not afraid of any experiments.

In 2003, Christina landed a role that was to take the actress to the next level. It is about “Monster” by Petty Jenkins, where Ricci played the girlfriend of a serial killer. Only instead of rays of critical praise and all sorts of awards, the actress was left in the shadow of her colleague Charlize Theron, who, in turn, won an Oscar.

Monster by Petty Jenkins, where Ricci played the girlfriend of a serial killer

In the 2010s, Ricci began to show interest in historical characters. First, the actress embodied the role of the infamous Miss Borden in a feature film, and soon produced the mini-series “The Lizzie Borden Chronicles”, where she also played the main role.

Next came projects about Zelda Fitzgerald and Nellie Bly. In the end, even this was not enough to make the name of Christina Ricci shine in bright colors again, and promising works in different genres opened new doors for her.

Motherhood and charity

On the set of the short-lived series "Pan American" Christina Ricci met her future husband James Hirdegen

On the set of the short-lived series “Pan American” Christina Ricci met her future husband James Heerdegen. In 2014, the actress gave birth to a son, Freddie, and since then, she has made fairly rare appearances on screen. In 2016, Ricci told People that having a child changed her attitude toward life.

The star, whose fame had long been based on movies from her childhood, was forced to really grow up and set new goals for herself.

Christina Ricci met her future husband James Heerdegen

Today, as a mother of two children, Ricci is a spokeswoman for the National Anti-Rape and Incest Network (RAINN). In a 2009 interview with The Hill, the actress explained that she first learned about the organization when she was 15 after reading a Rolling Stone piece in which singer Tori Amos talked about her involvement with the project. After that, Ricci chose RAINN every time for charitable donations.

Unfortunately, most recently, Ricci herself became a victim of domestic violence: she suffered at the hands of her (now ex) husband – James is forbidden to approach the family.

What about now?

lately we can see Ricci in movies more and more often

There is good news for fans of the actress – lately we can see Ricci in movies more and more often. It seems Christina is finally not trying to run away from her past and fight the pesky image of the gloomy child. Instead, the actress is embracing her legacy and instead thriving on it. Most of all, it reflects one of HBO’s latest hits, “Hornets”.

It’s no coincidence that the writers cast those who once suffered from too much early fame in the lead roles. Telling the story of schoolgirls trapped in the thick of the woods, the show seems to draw an analogy with the artists whose stardom has faded because of show business’s cruelty.

Christina Ricci looks the best here: looking back on her experience and trying on the same role, the actress confidently strides forward, giving viewers hope for new reincarnations.

Christina Ricci – From Baby to 37 Year Old

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