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Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) turns heads at the Rave’N when she busts out mesmerizing dance moves that are as unique and unpredictable as she is. Celebrate your own true colors on Wednesday, only on Netflix.


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Wednesday Shows Off Her Moves | Wednesday | Netflix Philippines

#Wednesday #JennaOrtega #TimBurton

Smart, sarcastic and a little dead inside, Wednesday Addams investigates a murder spree while making new friends — and foes — at Nevermore Academy.


Avatar of Justin Barton
Justin Barton
I would do so many dirty things with and to Jenna Ortega
Avatar of Von Escorpezo
Von Escorpezo
First, I feel awkward for this but when I finish the show, I realized this is a MASTERPIECE!
Avatar of 名雪アンニ江戸川ヴァサリ🌸🩰
weems' little smile is my favorite here
Avatar of antnee5150
Freaking Awesome!!Girl has some Punk vibes going on!!
Avatar of ˙˙⁠๑。Kyle .⁠。⁠*
˙˙⁠๑。Kyle .⁠。⁠*
I will edit this🤩
Avatar of Anthony Clay
Anthony Clay
Wednesday letting a little of her mother shine through.
Avatar of MrGriff305
Her eyes and confidence are everything 😅
Avatar of Surviving With Terry
Surviving With Terry
Meh...I remember when you had to have all you have to do is sleep with someone powerful...EPSTINE KNOWS!
Avatar of Mariela Santiago Matos
Mariela Santiago Matos
I love this scene ❤️❤️❤️
Avatar of Uğur Bülbül
Uğur Bülbül
Erkeğini etkilemeye çalışan dişi Arizona kertenkelesinin çiftleşme dansı geldi aklıma
Avatar of Cogs Hollow
Cogs Hollow
…that’s what everyone is going on about?

Avatar of YoungHelfner
What’s the song?
Avatar of Falzar
My kids said to me "she choreographed it herself, can you believe she's not a professional dancer?"..... Uhhhh yeah
Avatar of Chet Isanhart
Chet Isanhart
Dig. A Goo Goo much is a dude eats pussy. You missed the part where the black dude says "I'll be right back" and runs away. Now watch it again
Avatar of Ongbeng Ong
Ongbeng Ong
She weired, and she cute
Avatar of kristiyan krastev
kristiyan krastev
I somehow think they oversexually this character
Avatar of Lowe Quay Shush
Lowe Quay Shush
The choreographer was perfect for this. Then the Actress as Wendsday nailed it. Love that The Cramps even got a shout out!
Avatar of Not foundlunar
Not foundlunar
How do u do this dance without smiling 😂
Avatar of harry machco
harry machco
Anybody know the. Name of the song?
Avatar of x86
Yeah , she gonna be left on read after doing all that .
Avatar of DJ LakeSea
DJ LakeSea
Kinda reminds me of a gothic version of John Travolta and Uma Thurman, dancing in Pulp Fiction.
Avatar of GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)
GEEKFOREVER (Pixel Gaming/Sur La Toile Ce Soir)
If I was this guy, I would have 0 way of knowing what to do. I'd just stand there, completely stunned, kind of terrified and... perhaps in love.

I'll will admit, though, that when I first saw this, I wondered if it didn't feel out of character from her to go from "I don't want to go to that horrid dance party" to "Imma bust the biggest moves that would put Bully Maguire to shame".
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Avatar of Chad g
Chad g
Dude. That dance was actually really cool the way she incorporated so many different classic moves with her own twist.
Avatar of Jitu Vats
Jitu Vats
Tobey Maguire was better ❤️
Avatar of Jamie
I love gothic dances🖤
Avatar of Akash Dolui music
Akash Dolui music
We eagerly waiting for season 2
Avatar of Mohammed Rizwan
Mohammed Rizwan
I just noticed that in 0:59 there is a guy with no face
Avatar of Maksim Tarkhov
Maksim Tarkhov
There is not the slightest doubt that Jenna is a talented actress. But she plays the role of a possessed, obsessed girl. With her acting, she makes young people imitate her. And this is very sad. Нет ни малейших сомнений, того что Jenna талантливая актриса. Но она исполняет роль бесноватой, одержимой девушки. Своей игрой она заставляет молодых людей подражать ей. И это очень печально.
Avatar of Sumit Jajoria
Sumit Jajoria
Song names please
Avatar of roberto0709
No Lady Gaga song! 😓😀
Avatar of Christian Soga-ang
Christian Soga-ang
I don't understand why people change its music to lady gagas bloody mary. Everytime I search for Wednesday's dance music, bloody mary comes out. When it's not even on tune and gose at the same time on the timing of the dance. Gosh.
Avatar of Josue Galvez
Josue Galvez
She killed it ! Good job !
Avatar of Hans-Peter
Was für ein Scheiss.
Avatar of Jose Cabalfin III
Jose Cabalfin III
I hope there is a season two of this
Avatar of Devlogia
stroke dance exist
Avatar of FerinoGM Studio
FerinoGM Studio
cringe as hell
Avatar of JoJo James
JoJo James
Apparently doing the scene where Wednesay was dancing, she had Covid and was farting up a storm. That’s why during the dance she was so rigid, trying to hold all thst covid gas in.
Avatar of Matias Erc
Matias Erc
por que nunca sonrie? esta enferma o algo?
Avatar of cheerfulgiver
Thst girl's crazy😆
Avatar of Uncle rat foot I GOT UNBANNED
Uncle rat foot I GOT UNBANNED
Avatar of Princess Nicole Lazaro
Princess Nicole Lazaro
What a great dance wednesday i like your dance and moves.
Avatar of vitalya abrosimov
vitalya abrosimov
Я танцую лучше причем не трезвый
Avatar of kannansk
Instagramla intha video pathudu inga vanthavanla oru like podu🤣🤣🤣👍👍
Avatar of OptimuS PrimE
OptimuS PrimE
- Девушка, что с вами?
- Я танцую.
- А я думал, вас током долбануло.
Avatar of Dennis Hessel
Dennis Hessel
So extrem sexy die frau !!
Avatar of Kamya Gupta
Kamya Gupta
this scene!!😍😍❤️❤️
Avatar of Kamya Gupta
Kamya Gupta
the acting and dance!!😍❤️💯
Avatar of Bl4k3 d0es Stuff
Bl4k3 d0es Stuff
What dance is this

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