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Wednesday series become the new Netflix phenomenon! A decent job was made on every level of production, starting from the way the original story was recreated to the marvelous attention to details from the crew. But don’t forget where all work and no play go… However, Wednesday production is the most suitable for spooky moments as well. Jenna Ortega is a queen when it comes to creepiness, but, in fact, turned out that the whole cast is as weird as the Addams family itself!

Filming a series is a long process, so some cast members took care about how to amuse their colleagues with pranks. Yet not everything goes the way you expect it to. Improvisation is the key to making unique content. The iconic Wednesday dance is the best example – Jenna Ortega made the choreography by herself! Moreover, that was a favorite episode for most of the cast.

Sometimes acting can be dangerous and painful, especially when young enthusiasts like Jenna decide that they don’t need a stunt. However, everything worked out and now we can just throwback and dig into memories of Wednesday’s cast and crew. Watch the video for many bloopers and behind-the-scenes stories while we’re all waiting for season two!

Which actors stole from the set? How far did the crew’s pranks go? And who has the most awkward laugh EVER? We are going to reveal the freshest gossips about making the newborn legendary series on Netflix. Fan of Wednesday? Then what are you waiting for?!
Check out more videos on our channel about the Netflix hit! Thank you for staying with us, and stay OSSA’m!

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