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Take look at Netflix’s ‘Teaser Trailer’ concept for Wednesday Addams Season 2 (More info about this video down below!)

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Inspiration behind this video:

Netflix is officially moving forward with Wednesday season 2, with the much-desired renewal finally announced by the streaming service. The Addams family was reimagined again in 2022 with Netflix’s reboot show, which starred Jenna Ortega as the titular heroine. Wednesday season 1 focused on Ortega’s character solving a murder mystery at her new school, Nevermore Academy. It didn’t take long for the latest Addams family adaptation to become a massive hit with critics and fans alike. Wednesday has remained on Netflix’s most-viewed-shows list for some time, which naturally made many wonder if there would be a season 2.

It has been over two months since Wednesday season 1 was released on Netflix, but its future has now finally been decided. Netflix announced today that Wednesday season 2 will officially move forward on the popular streaming service. It had been reported that a Wednesday season 2 renewal would come in early 2023.

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Avatar of Screen Culture
Screen Culture
Avengers: The Kang Dynasty | The Trailer 🔻 🤯☠️
Avatar of Cartventureland
I’m so excited for the new season after this!!!
Avatar of Giosy 007
Giosy 007
Tyler's rampage must be stopped once and for all.
Avatar of Giosy 007
Giosy 007
It would be nice if Tyler was the main antagonist in season 2 and they do season 3 where the main antagonist will be Crackstone, in some way. There are all three, after all: main, secondary and overarching antagonists.
Avatar of instantrock gaming
instantrock gaming
Session 1 end was not good.
Avatar of Krishan Lakshina
Krishan Lakshina
I just search for season 2 💥
Avatar of Admin Jamie
Admin Jamie
Is this 100% legit season 2 trailer or fan made? 😮
Avatar of asma abdu razak
asma abdu razak
I love wednesday addams movie i is my fav movie
Avatar of Alan Dela Cruz
Alan Dela Cruz
I love family Adams....
Avatar of Pablo Rangel
Pablo Rangel
PABLO nxnnxxnnnndnnn d d ndnbdn
Ndnnddnnndbbbdn ndndnnndn
Avatar of Heri Tadar Heri Tadar
Heri Tadar Heri Tadar
This is not sessoin 2☹😨😫😩🤬
Avatar of Heri Tadar Heri Tadar
Heri Tadar Heri Tadar
I love wednesday addam.were is session 2 i am a sad 😔 because i searching for sessoin 2😫🙁☹😑😔🥶🥶😭😩😣😞
Avatar of Даниил Евгеньевич Чумакин
Даниил Евгеньевич Чумакин
Что с графоном? аххахах
Avatar of Enzo pvh games
Enzo pvh games
Eu já estou vendo que vai ser mais violento do que a primeira temporada
Avatar of Neynah Dibrani
Neynah Dibrani
I love Wendsday!
Avatar of Nora Colegrove
Nora Colegrove
She is the Release date
Avatar of Ümit Wagner
Ümit Wagner
This is not a official trailer. So please change the title to fan based trailer.
Avatar of michael pallozzi
michael pallozzi
Hey all you hardcore Amphibia fans out there, you guys should make Our Little Friend, Leif. Basically, it's the fan-favorite season 3 episode, The King And The Core, but it's retold as an series, it'll be on par, if not, EVEN BETTER-to-UNEXPECTEDLY EVEN BETTER than anyone, let alone one of the biggest, if not, THE biggest and hardcore-est Amphibia fans ever in existence, could possibly ever imagine in recent memory and with it's very own fantastically jaw-dropping/Disney-tastically jaw-dropping 2D animation the modern day era itself has ever witness thus far, period!
Avatar of zendo
I look forward watching
Avatar of D a t P a t
D a t P a t
I can't wait to turn into an emo again!!

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