VFX Artists React 100: Wednesday Addams, Severance, Steven Seagal

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Sam, Niko, and Jordan break down some of the best (and worst) visual effects in some of your favorite Hollywood films!

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00:00 Welcome to VFX Artists React
01:05 Kevin Parry’s 10 Types of Magic
05:23 Better Help
07:51 The Addams Family
11:18 Wednesday
12:31 Severance
16:43 Steven Seagal in Code of Honor
21:36 What’s Behind the Couch?


Avatar of Christopher Craig
Christopher Craig
Jenna Ortega talks about working with Victor Dorobantu in a way that you VFXers would appreciate. Clint would love the performance capture aspect.
Avatar of AlexanderTheOkay
the 60's Addams family version of Thing is so simple that it's funny to watch
Avatar of Jehyson Badilla
Jehyson Badilla
You should watch henry cavill's 2011 Inmortals. I saw it again a few days ago and great fights scenes and pretty "interesting" vfx 🤣
Avatar of Witty Euphemism
Witty Euphemism
Whoa, it's crazy to think that the Sonic model was responsible for a whole 100 episodes!
Avatar of Dog Flirt
Dog Flirt
🥚😁🥚“Enter the Fat Dragon” w Donnie Yen - PLEASE react to that one 🙏🙏🙏
Avatar of Crucially Ultrawide
Crucially Ultrawide
@CorridorCrew I'm pretty sure Steven Seagal is going to claim to be the actual person who's doing everything in the John Wick movies and Keanu Reeves is added in post if you were to put Steven Seagal in the John Wick movies.. considering.. how Steven is.. 😆
Avatar of Shane H
Shane H
19:36 no one’s gonna talk about how this movie completely forgets about height over bore? He would just be shooting the concrete block in front of him
Avatar of MazelTovCocktail
Literally one of the coolest series I’ve watched IN MY LIFE. You’ve given me a new appreciation for some of my favorite movies and shows ever and it’s constantly amazing to me that this is on YouTube. Can’t wait for another 100!
Avatar of Average CoD Clips
Average CoD Clips
20:28 This is probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in the history of poorly executed graphic arts.
Avatar of Mark Arnold
Mark Arnold
14:00 actually that’s isometric projection. Orthographic projection shows three 2D sides of an object in construction form which can help map the dimensions of an object into isometric 3d.
Avatar of Onion Paper
Onion Paper
Wren's Video Copilot shirt is such a flex.
Avatar of DramaticJR
"how good* these guys are at guessing Kevin's tricks."
Avatar of Nicodegallo92
Happy 100th episode guys!!!

Whenever ya get a new couch cut out the back leather, frame it and smack it up onda walllll
Avatar of Zac Chris
Zac Chris
Man I truly appreciate the effort the Corridor Digital legends put into their react videos. With the Breakdowns, Theories and Visual representations I am always impressed with the insight and digestibility of their info. I'm always excited for a new react vid due to the raw knowledge one can gain from these fucking lads. After a 100+ (other react types) I'm absolutely keen for more.
Avatar of Nala 305
Nala 305
I remember watching your videos with my flatmate in my first year of uni...now I've graduated, working my first proper job, and still watching. Time really flies huh 🥺
Avatar of greenley77
Hey, Happy Hundo! @14:44 notice how the red pajama wearing Mark S. is walking forward wiping out footprints that were previously there as he moves forward- while the Suited Mark S is producing footprints as he moves forward... Great show
Avatar of arzoo jadon
arzoo jadon
Please review on Brahmastra Part 1 Shiva a bollywood movie released in 2022. Would love watching it.
Avatar of Jake Maringoni
Jake Maringoni
Could you guys do an episode on Peter Pan (03) and Peter Pan and Wendy just with the latter now on Disney+? Congrats on 100 eps guys and here’s to 200!
Avatar of Jonathan Fugier
Jonathan Fugier
Look into how they used to do the 3d effects in the old Popeye cartoons 😊
Avatar of abhijeet
Thanks for the amazing show guys, congratulations on 100th ep. keep it up.
Avatar of Soulcatcher Photography
Soulcatcher Photography
I have a paravant in my photostudio and all my models visiting me signed it in the past years. I also habe some scribbles on it :)
Avatar of ElPolloAtomico
Fingers crossed that the Steven Seagal John Wick trailer includes at least one shot where he's replaced by a clearly thinner stuntman wearing a Seagal wig.
Avatar of Mujariwa Mpemba
Mujariwa Mpemba
I remember immediately subscribing when the very first episode was recommended by the algorithm. I didn't even know I'd be tuning in every week. But I knew this deep-dive stuff was up my alley. Man how time flies. Keep up the great work guys. Here's to a 💯 more episodes. 🎉🎉🎉
Avatar of shane walker
shane walker
If you guys haven't looked at it, you should check out the "game world" transitions in Game Night. It isn't a VFX heavy movie, but those transitions blow my mind.
Avatar of brado jacko
brado jacko
Watching magicians who use cgi is annoying. No fun because it is not possible to actually figure it out. It is not longer actual sleight of hand and cgi can do anything. Uninterested.
Avatar of Napoleon Blown Aparte
Napoleon Blown Aparte
18:27 That mohawk guy, isn't that 'Danger' Ehren Mcghehey from Jackass? 🤔
Avatar of Sithlordbeb0p
Thank you for the years of awesomeness and continue to make so many more... the things I learn and enjoy from this are just great. So again MASSIVE thanks to all of you and all the guests too ❤
Avatar of Rishi Sharma
Rishi Sharma
Woohoo! Congratulations guys!

Also Niko's laugh appreciation comment.
Avatar of Kayniedude inc.
Kayniedude inc.
I can't believe you're alerdy at 100! I've been watching since episode 1 and I love how the show still feels like it did before. That's how good of a recipe you've come up with
Avatar of Ruman Thapa
Ruman Thapa
Cant believe been 100 episodes wow
Avatar of qiwjjdj28"8
Please do Steven Seagal John Wick!!!!
Avatar of Deniz Gunduz
Deniz Gunduz
Jordan laughing at the spinning window is the greatest thing I heard today.
Avatar of Bru Brunin
Bru Brunin
Avatar of Edward Paulsen
Edward Paulsen
That Steven Seagal bit was so incredibly campy... the shots have a huge "gush" of blood, but then the stains never grow bigger... those locations would still be pumping out tons of blood from the major arteries and nothing happens... even at full speed it is highly noticeable... I also found it funny that the "splash" occurs before it even hits the body and just leaves a static "red dot" afterwards...
Avatar of B4dlands
Outstanding episode!
Avatar of fernando lucas
fernando lucas
Didn't they erase the shadow of the actor's arm on the floor, and nobody noticed?
Avatar of Nicklaus Oh
Nicklaus Oh
Amazing! What a journey it has been, been watching since Episode 1, really really love the content, time and effort Corridor Crew has put in the past years. You guys are truly the source of inspiration for the VFX community! Kepp up the good work, to many more episodes to come! God bless.
Avatar of gbishel
Captain America did that window scape too
Avatar of DELTA BOI
I have been watching you guys since 4 years now. I remember watching a video from rocket jump (the rocket jump video) and then coming to your channel. Really loved the tacticool reloads series and that one episode with anime fidget spinners and many more. After watching the first vfx react video and following the channel since then, I enjoyed so much.

I am not a vfx guy myself but really enjoy watching you guys talk about it. And watching you guys hit 100 episode of this amazing series made me emotional. Keep up the great work and keep entertaining us.

Happy 100 🎉
Avatar of Toni Lähdekorpi
Toni Lähdekorpi
I know Corridor Digital is a company and this is business. And showcasing the products of a massive industry. But at the heart of it all is people. You guys are doing something truly amazing and heartwarming, that clearly shows from these videos. It is so lovely to see that the whole industry consists of really cool and interesting people, that are not just doing it for the money through a passion and love for creating something amazing.
Avatar of Tyron Tran
Tyron Tran
Congrats on 100 episodes! Crazy to think I’ve watched over 2000mins of Artist React from this channel. It’s become a weekly watch for me, so thank you 🙏
Avatar of William Richardson
William Richardson
It's like 2 FBI Jedi force ghosts turning up ha ha ha😂😂😂😂
Avatar of Sorcier X
Sorcier X
I've been watching these VFX Artists React since the beginning, a funny thing happened the other day, I was watching an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger and there was a scene where they lit a guy on fire. My brain saw how they did it, thanks to the video where Clint got covered and lit on fire.
Avatar of BozPictures
Please please please do the amazing Kronos vfx from Wrath of the Titans
Avatar of Ryan Dineen
Ryan Dineen
I actually welled up at the end! Congratulations everyone. I’ve been with you since the beginning and I can’t wait for 100 more:-)
Avatar of youdosuck
The guy on the right in the helicopter is a force ghost
Avatar of DI trY
DI trY
I was just in DC at the Smithsonian American History museum. They had iconic things from TV like the chairs from All in the Family, and the sign post of the cities from M*A*S*H. Can someone make a petition to get this couch into the Smithsonian?
Avatar of Ariel Moll
Ariel Moll
Congrats to the CC Team! Amazing show. Hope you guys manage to make 100 episodes more!!!
Avatar of blueiscoming
Congrats on 100. Anyone else notice the typo in URL at 23:33 ?
Avatar of Christopher Anderson
Christopher Anderson
Those illustrations on the back of the couch are worth more to me than the autographs themselves lol

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