The Pat McAfee Show | Wednesday May 24th, 2023

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Avatar of Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez
😂 the problem with C’s fans you let them win one they act like they won the series
Avatar of Oscar Ramos
Oscar Ramos
dana literally said THIS environment is what people come too. that’s what built the show
Avatar of ScrewfacedRenegade
Paul Finebaum is the reason Rich Rod didn’t go to Bama. He was on air talking about Rich Rods wife’s teased hair and she heard it and pulled over on the side of the road crying called Rich Rod and said we are not going down there with those crazed fans and radio people. The only reason Bama offered him was cause of pressure from the trustees to get the hire done and after Rich backed out Bama AD Mal Moore told the board to back off and let him work. He flew to Miami a week later and forced Saban to meet him which he only did after his wife forced him to cause Mal was waiting in a taxi for them to let him come to their house, and when they finally met him the rest is history. Truly an insane college lore story.
Avatar of JayBee
Watching the show now feels like hanging with an ex as friends. Just feels like the magic is gone
Avatar of AJ Moe
AJ Moe
Avatar of Lucas B
Lucas B
The following is a complete list of changes since Pat's announcement;

This concludes the list of changes. Thank you.
Avatar of Jackson Nichols
Jackson Nichols
Hmmm Dana AND Dan Patrick telling us the truth we already know. We know how it’s gonna go, happy for you guys you earned it but this sucks donkey balls for the viewers
Avatar of the600seconds
Sellllll ahhhhhhhhttt
Avatar of DSP
Heres my concern on joining the mouse...the first 15-20 mins9f rambling about the " history" will bring out snowflakes, gramcrackers, and participation trophy winners. Though they skated over indentured servantude and ding ding slavery, yea that wont fly. Also Dana, get the slapper outta here.
Avatar of the600seconds
Pats already been cutting back on the Mickey Mouse bombs 🤦‍♂️
Avatar of Billy Dee
Billy Dee
Love to hear Block talk, as usual Pat’s questions are long speeches and hogs the Mike.
Avatar of evanschase7
is there gon be commercials? Hate them CLAHNS!
Avatar of Christian Doby
Christian Doby
Pats numbers are down slightly already…
Avatar of JJG-4133
The face Pat makes when Dana tells him exactly what all of us worried fans have been saying at 2:16:00 ... And that's coming from someone LICENSING the same way he's doing to ESPN. I love Pat and the boys so much and hope I'm wrong, but man I wish they'd stop acting like we're crazy for being pessimistic about this deal.
Avatar of PJ Jefferson LI
PJ Jefferson LI
Not here to watch.... just here to hit the dislike button and say FPMS and FESPN.
Avatar of Jack O
Jack O
starting to get real tired of pat and the boys talking down to their fans for telling him the same stuff dana is saying here, wont be listening/ watching much longer if this is going to be the attitude
Avatar of Taylor S
Taylor S
Bills are the most overrated team in the NFL
Avatar of AJ Moe
AJ Moe
I'm so glad Pat finally talked about being at Ray Lewis's last home game!!! :)
Avatar of Matt Verville
Matt Verville
I don't know if he already said this but Dana 100% owns a part of that workout routine he is in
Avatar of Brett Teubert
Brett Teubert
Need Gump back!
Avatar of CallinDaIceman
Thank you Dana for telling Pat everything we have been saying for the past week
Avatar of Evil Genius
Evil Genius
This show stinks!
Avatar of Marc McCoy
Marc McCoy
😂Dana letting Pat know the actual truth
Avatar of ChumblesMumbles
Pac's swagged out drip is making up for Pat's every-day plain black tank-top. It's like they balance the show's fashion game out. Foxy on the other hand, is just uncalled for.
Avatar of Micah Corson
Micah Corson
People think Pat is being mean to his fans because he keeps mocking the assumptions that his show will be changed by Disney. Seems to me like Pat is just hurt by the notion that nobody trusts him to be able to negotiate a deal with ESPN and Disney that would allow him to retain creative control over the show. Disney is evil, yes we all agree, but everyone just assuming Pat will be controlled by Disney is the biggest smack in the face you could give him. The one thing that matters to Pat more than anything is his independence/stubbornness and ability to stay true to himself and not be swayed by what the masses are saying. His entire career path is based on him doing things his own way, it makes absolutely no sense for his personality to suddenly change like that. If you just trust Pat, he has already told us the show won't be changing. If you don't believe him, then you simply do not trust him for some reason and that's offensive to him since his personality is mostly centered around uncensored honesty...

I trust Pat and can't wait for this wave of toxicity surrounding him to stop.
Avatar of Micah Corson
Micah Corson
Oh wait... AJ Hawk is a covid survivor again!? PMS censorship haters are in shambles lmao
Avatar of TK 1
TK 1
I wonder what happens to the chick who lied on Matt’s name
Avatar of Miguel Delvalle
Miguel Delvalle
Lol never ask coach McD about D-hop lol
Avatar of Marcoantonio Martinez
Marcoantonio Martinez
2:17:16 Dana White mentions covid and lapdog Pat changed the subject immediately
Avatar of Lunchbox
That was a hilarious moment when Pat changed the topic with Dana after he said his business was going to change over the next few years. Pat just tried to pretend “well it won’t happen to me”

This is going to be a disaster.
Avatar of Jamison Straulin
Jamison Straulin
Am I the only one that likes the XFL Kickoff?
Avatar of TJ Weeks
TJ Weeks
With the new rule change to kick offs they should add that a touchback is set on the 20 or even 15 and we can kick off from the old distances 30? I think
Avatar of Unkster JR
Unkster JR
Quit on the Colts ✅ Quit on WWE✅Quit on FanDuel✅ must be Pat McAfee
Avatar of freshprincequalfunny
Y’all are such weirdos and nothing but confirmation bias. Yes Pat could relax with the over the top sellaht stuff, but you all are being so ridiculous. Dana said things could change but he also literally says verbatim “I’m still me and say whatever I want” “I put my product on their platform even during Covid”
Avatar of Ham Sandwich
Ham Sandwich
@2:37:00 did A.J. say ghetto or yellow outfit? Is he color blind or what??? Haha
Avatar of Sad Laker fan
Sad Laker fan
Dana White was very very right imo. But I will continue to be a huge fan of the show. Dana also said he’s still doing his thing as well just hope the Suits do not step on toes
Avatar of Jr cell
Jr cell
That motivational speech Pat was expecting from Dana turned into a reality check 😂
Avatar of Jonah Stieglitz
Jonah Stieglitz
For all the ❄️’s just watch 2:17:03 - 2:17:22
Avatar of Devlin Costello
Devlin Costello
How can yall let a guys decison on what he does with the show he bulit himself affect yall this much?? Get your priorities straight if your letting a man who you've never met and probably will never meet and whose decisons don't affect you in the slightest make you this mad. If you don't like the decison then don't watch its really that simple
Avatar of Bdub
Maybe do an after hours only on YouTube not on ESPN and these stooges will be happy. Either way I think ESPN is smart enough to realize what they got on their hands and not to mess with it. Can’t wait to see other pods/shows to get network deals with creative freedom
Avatar of Andrew
Pats traveled the tunnels under Wexeys place
Avatar of Marcus Marshall
Marcus Marshall
25:32 THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AT ESPN!! 😂😂😂😂 I’m gonna miss this toxicity 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
Listened to “let the beat build” on the ride home after my last final for the semester 🔥✌🏾
Avatar of atrixmatrix
Block Monster straight from my hood let's gooo
Avatar of Justin Horton
Justin Horton
LOVE the WVU talk near the end. TAKE ME HOME..... COUNTRY ROADS!!!!! LET'S GOOOOOOO
Avatar of SizzlingintheValley
Really glad to see someone who Pat respects show him why we’re concerned. Idk if Pat genuinely believes the show won’t change and he’s in denial about it or that Pat knows that he lied the week before the announcement and just doesn’t care though
Avatar of hurishane1
Pat is a loser!
Avatar of David Maez
David Maez
Sell out mf... I hope you crumble bro real talk.
Avatar of Deeznuts
Who controls the cameras on this show
Avatar of rodavich7778
Ha maybe Dana White saying what he said Pat will finally realize what we have been trying to tell him. Dana is on a whole other level which is why he can do what he does. Maybe instead of patronizing people that are saying these things because they care about him and the boys he will finally see it is not out of hate it is out of love. People that care about you Pat will be honest with you whether you like it or not. I'll still give the show a shot but I am confident the "suits" will go back on whatever they told him as they always do. I pray he was smart enough to leave himself an out.

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