Arborist: Why more trees uprooted than toppled during Wednesday’s severe storms

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Cleanup continues after Wednesday night’s destructive storms raced through the region. Widespread damage was reported in Spring and The Woodlands, as whipping winds toppled dozens of trees, as captured by Sky 2.


Avatar of Phil Gar
Phil Gar
Call/write Abbot and let him have it! Cruz, also! After the freeze he (and republicans) said they would fix NOTHING! They have not! They don't even care if people die! Had they given a darn about infrastructure, there would be better drainage, and trees would not be rotting and being uprooted! The same applies to greedy utility companies. Texas needs a LOT of work, but it is not getting done!
Avatar of George Michael
George Michael
Folks I’m so sorry for all the damage I went through this from Hurricane Ike in 2008 then lost my house completely from Hurricane Harvey in 2017.
Avatar of Sonya Graske
Sonya Graske
The worldis loosing SO MANY TREES. 😢
Avatar of Kimberly Guillen
Kimberly Guillen
This is crazy I slept through this over here on FM 1960
Avatar of Alan Mott-Smith
Alan Mott-Smith
It's not highlighting dangerous storms. It's highlighting how poorly built those houses were built using the cheapest materials and unskilled planners and laborers. Unfollowed building codes and corrupt bought-off inspectors. THAT'S what it's highlighting.
Avatar of Obelus
Thank you. We are desperate for information. Could you talk to Centerpoint and ask them to do a news conference. I'm sure they're working around the clock but we're getting to updates and the energy outage tracker shows that we have power...and our entire street is out.
Avatar of LovelikeJesus
Praise the Lord 🙏 that family is ok

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