Wednesday TV series - The Addams Family is back in Netflix's movie 2022

Wednesday TV series – the Addams Family finally returns in a Netflix movie directed by Tim Burton

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Wednesday TV series – unlike previous depictions of the Addams family, the “Wednesday” movie is focused on their daughter. This is a completely independent project. Its plot has no connection to earlier video works. So we can see an entirely new take on the character. Let’s explore the storyline and cast of the “Wednesday” movie.

Also, we’ll answer the question “When does the Wednesday Addams movie come out?”. Read along to find out the details on the subject.

What is it about?

The new Wednesday movie trailer gave us a general impression of the series. It preserves the traditional dark-comedy aspects and sullen tones. At the same time, we’re going to observe a fresh direction for the story development. The characters will also display some new features without changing their core nature.

When it comes to the plot, screenwriters unravel the storyline through mysterious violent deaths. They horrify the local town where the killing spree is taking place. Wednesday tries to find answers while building relationships with her new classmates. And it’s not always successful due to the girl’s downbeat attitude and murky look.

In addition, she realizes she has unusual powers. It brings even more difficulties into the situation. However, those abilities can seriously help in the mystery investigation.

“Wednesday” movie (2022) cast and filming crew

Wednesday from Addams family in a new movie meets her parents and a brother

The show’s creators have kept the original characters we all like so much. Wednesday from Addams family in a new movie meets her parents and a brother. Other notable family members are also present. Let’s break down the “Wednesday” movie on Netflix, cast, and people behind the camera.

Cast: role representations

Jenna Ortega was given the titular role

Jenna Ortega was given the titular role and revealed she was very excited about it. Wednesday is, in fact, a Latina character. So the actress can give even a truer rendition provided her ethnic background.


Tim Burton, who directed the series

Nowadays, there are a lot of movies coming out and Wednesday obviously stands out. The gloomy atmosphere and monstrous things are closest to the filmmaker’s heart. Tim Burton, who directed the series, is a notable specialist in fantasy and horror cinematography.

Apart from having his own unique vision, Burton’s a fan of the legendary gothic family. Who would do the directing work for “Wednesday” better than this person?

Nevertheless, he only directed half of the episodes for personal reasons. For the second part of the series, Gandja Monteiro and, later, James Marshall replaced him.

Music composer

The soundtrack for the movie was written by Burton’s constant collaborator Danny Elfman

The soundtrack for the movie was written by Burton’s constant collaborator Danny Elfman. Earlier, he composed the music for Tim’s best films. Among them are “Beetlejuice” and “Big fish”.

When is the Wednesday TV series coming out on Netflix?

The “Wednesday” movie’s release date was the 23rd of November 2022

Now that we know who is in the talented crew, a crucial question appears. When does the Wednesday movie come out? It’s already available! The “Wednesday” movie’s release date was the 23rd of November 2022.

Once we knew about the upcoming “Wednesday” movie on Netflix, its release couldn’t be missed. And we’re pretty sure that thousands of the Addams family fans shared our excitement.

Wednesday movie: What each episode is about

Probably, you don’t ask “When is the Wednesday movie coming out?” and already enjoy it. In such a case, you might want to refresh the events of some episodes. Or, maybe, you’d like to read about it before watching (not recommended). Anyway, here’s a structured description of each episode of the new Wednesday Addams movie.

Еpisode 1: Wednesday’s Child Is Full of Woe

Еpisode 1 - Wednesday's Child Is Full of Woe

Wednesday walks along the school hall and encounters Pugsley in a locker. Her brother is tied up and holds an apple in his mouth. It’s an evil joke of his bullies. The sister sees that in a vision and decides to retaliate. As a result of her dangerous revenge, the girl gets expelled. Wednesday’s parents enroll her in the Academy where they started their relationship. It’s called Nevermore. Thing, which is a hand with no body, is released to watch over the girl.

Upon arrival, Wednesday gets acquainted with her friendly roommate. She also gets into a conflict with another student, Bianca. Later, the newcomer gets to know a few more characters including the principal. Then, a mysterious monster kills one of them.

Еpisode 2: Woe Is the Loneliest Number

Еpisode 2 - Woe Is the Loneliest Number

Wednesday starts to investigate the murders and meets a sheriff. The girl has a series of new visions that give her some pointers. However, it’s still difficult for her to clearly understand the whole picture. Later, she roams along the academy and finds a hidden library.

Еpisode 3: Friend or Woe

Еpisode 3 - Friend or Woe

The girl stumbles on an elite students’ society with Bianca and Xavier being its members. The school celebrates Outreach day. The students visit “normie” people living in a nearby town. Wednesday encounters the monster who is guilty of local murders and discovers it’s a human.

Еpisode 4: Woe What a Night

Еpisode 4 - Woe What a Night

The Academy holds a dancing event where Wednesday performs accompanied by Tyler. Meanwhile, she proceeds with her investigative work with the help of Thing. Eugene, who is also privy to the girl’s research, gets seriously injured by the monster.

Еpisode 5: You Reap What You Woe

Еpisode 5 - You Reap What You Woe

During Parent’s Day, Wednesday discovers intriguing details of her family’s past. That is her dad’s arrest in his younger years. Morticia joins her daughter in solving the mystery of numerous deaths. They also get arrested, but soon released.

Еpisode 6: Quid Pro Woe

Еpisode 6 - Quid Pro Woe

Unexpectedly, Wednesday has a birthday party prepared by her friends. During the event, she has another vision which gives her the direction for further investigation. This time, Enid along with Tyler helps the girl. The monster attacks them from an ambush, but the teenagers luckily escape from it.

Еpisode 7: If You Don’t Woe Me by Now

Еpisode 7 - If You Don't Woe Me by Now

Peculiar Uncle Fester comes to visit his niece near the school. He shares his opinion about the monster mystery. The girl reluctantly agrees to go on a date with Tyler. The crypt seems a perfect place for that.

Episode 8: A Murder of Woes

Episode 8: A Murder of Woes

Wednesday has a clash of interests with the principal. However, the situation gets even more troublesome, when she encounters an ancient evil. The girl will need to use all the connections she has to win the fight.


Now you know the cast and the content of each episode. We also answered the question “When does the movie “Wednesday” come out on Netflix?”. To conclude, we’d like to emphasize how profoundly this titular character is presented. Wednesday Addams in movies and TV shows of the sort usually appears in several scenes.

Meanwhile, here we have an entire storyline embroiling the girl. What a great reason to binge-watch the movie!

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