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Wednesday Addams family – 2: the release date, cast, trailers

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A newly released Wednesday (November 23) is a supernatural horror spiced with comedy elements. It features a gifted girl who deals with challenges in her life. Such as family relationships, fitting into the new school, growing psychic abilities… And, of course, a streak of creepy murders to solve.

The series got the first slot in the Top 10 Netflix shows right away. It has won over both regular watchers and critics and is definitely a game-changing project. Fans are eager to see it stream for at least another season (or more). Given the reaction and a juicy cliffhanger at the end, this story is not over.

We’ve been monitoring all news connected with the series. And that’s what we’re ready to share. When to expect the continuation of the story, what it’ll be about, etc.

Attention: the article contains spoilers!

Is the new season of Netflix’s “Wednesday Addams family 2” series realistic?

Is the new season of Netflix's "Wednesday Addams family 2" series realistic

Wednesday from the Addams family 2 would be equally viral. At least thanks to the vibe and interest built in the current 8 episodes. The great news is that the continuation is already planned!

But don’t get too excited. While the project’s creators keep sharing some ideas for the development of the show, Netflix is silent. So far. But, seriously, it’s too much to expect from the streaming service to decide so fast.

In our opinion, the series has all the chances to be approved for further success. All ingredients Netflix is looking for are here: popularity and revenue that will 100% follow. So, there is no reason to get disappointed by the lack of official confirmation.

As for the team, all members are eager to see Season 2 air. For example, Miles Millar (co-showrunner) shared some plans for zooming into the characters. Check out what the man says to TVLine.

The executive producer Alfred Gough admitted to discussing possible scenarios and twists with Miles. Nothing is fixed: they need to gather more info about the show’s performance and fans’ feedback.

Gwendoline Christie (who plays Larissa Weems) fuels the flame of interest. Follow the link to watch what the actress says about her character.

When is the release date?

Addams Family 2 Wednesday doesn’t have official approval for further shooting. But it’s very likely that it’ll be granted soon. Can we estimate how long it’ll take to produce the long-awaited continuation? Yes, surely! Let’s just analyze the timeframes of the current project.

The filming was launched in 2021 (September). This process was over in 2022 (March). The post-production took more than a half year. Only then did the series make it to airing in November.

So, if the future continuation follows this pattern, it’ll take over a year to complete. Let’s imagine that the show is approved on Christmas Eve. Everything will be filmed by the summer of 2023. Add 8 months to assemble all scenes into a masterpiece. As a result, we’ll be watching this horror comedy at the beginning of 2024. Time flies! And while we’re waiting for the release, we’ll discuss teasers, trailers, and gossip.

What will the second season of the series Wednesday Addams be about?

Will we see a very adult Wednesday Addams 2? The girl will surely keep growing, both physically and mentally. Wednesday will live through more experiences to see that the world is more complicated than she thinks.

Additionally, the creators are planning to tell the audience more about other members of this strange family. We’ll learn about Morticia (mother played by Catherine Zeta-Jones). As well as Gomez (father played by Luis Guzman) and Pugsley (brother played by Isaac Ordonez). It’s great news since season 1 doesn’t go deep into these characters. They’re the key to better understanding Wednesday. At the same time, the young girl with superpowers will still be in the spotlight.

We also have no idea who sent the main character that threatening message and photos. So, the girl will keep investigating to get to the truth: who did it and why. Maybe it’ll even be in the center of the story for the whole season.

Who will be cast in further episodes of the Netflix TV series?

Jenna Ortega and the loyal friend Thing

Without an adult Wednesday Addams, season 2 would be empty. We’ll see the girl (played by Jenna Ortega) and the loyal friend Thing for sure.

Tyler (Hunter Doohan), Wednesday’s villain-boyfriend

Tyler (Hunter Doohan), Wednesday’s villain-boyfriend, will most likely reappear in the show. However, we can only contemplate whether this character will remain a “puppet”.

Larissa Weems (by Gwendoline Christie)

Larissa Weems (by Gwendoline Christie) seems to be dead. But is it truly so? We bet you also felt something wrong about this death. Besides, resurrections are not something extraordinary in this magical world. There is only one obstacle that can stand in the way. Christie will return to the role of Lucifer in the Sandman 2. So, the actress might just have no time for Wednesday. But we shall see how it’ll work out.

Ms. Thornhill (played by Christina Ricci) - Wednesday 2

Malicious Ms. Thornhill (played by Christina Ricci) will surely come back. The mastermind will actively participate in the next chapter, plotting to get what she wants.

Catherine Zeta-Jones will return to the role of Morticia, Luis Guzman – to Gomez

Catherine Zeta-Jones will return to the role of Morticia, Luis Guzman – to Gomez. And we’ll see Isaac Ordonez as the younger brother Pugsley.

It appears that Riki Lindhome won’t play Valerie Kinbott anymore. The death of this character was cruel and definitive. Besides, there are no indications that the therapist will be somehow revived. The actress was charming in her role. But there is no great mystery worth exploring.

Things to mention about the movie

The animated film we have talked about above will reveal some interesting facts. For example, Wednesday from the Addams Family 2 was switched at birth. Nothing is certain yet, but maybe we’ll learn some shocking revelations in the continuation by Netflix. For example, that Wednesday of the Addams family 2 is adopted. What a twist!

By the way, Ash Wednesday, March 2023 has nothing to do with the Netflix creation. It’s a Christian holy event that occurs 46 days before Easter. For example, in 2020 Ash Wednesday was on the 26th of February.

Summing Up

The Addams Family 2 Wednesday has already proven to be successful. But so many fans fear that it’ll be canceled anyway. Netflix has a reputation for doing this to so many projects in the past. Let’s all hope that it won’t happen: the show is too loud to mute now.

We’ll be all waiting for official announcements about the series. In the meanwhile, you can do something interesting.

If you want to dive into the magical world, watch the Addams Family 2 (2021).

Wednesday is also part of the story in this animated film. Or better start with the first part that was launched in 2019. You’ll get a more complete understanding of the plot.

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