Nevermore Academy - 4 Groups Of Students Who Appeared In The Show

Nevermore Academy: 4 Groups Of Students Who Appeared In The Show

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What is the Nevermore Academy quad of departments that divide children into groups? The series Wednesday introduced a brand new world to the fans of magical realities. Gifted creatures of all kinds attend a private school and learn to nourish their talents. Does it sound familiar?

The same concept is presented in the Harry Potter universe with its famous Hogwarts. However, these are 2 completely different worlds. In the story written by J. K. Rowling, there were 4 houses. Children were allocated by the Sorting Hat.

In Wednesday, there is nothing of the sort. The Nevermore Academy powers are in unity (which is stated in the motto of the place).

This is why kids with various abilities are brought together on one campus. There is no official division into houses. But it might seem that there are, because of the children themselves. They organize themselves into groups according to their species and stick together most of the time. With some rare exceptions. Scroll down if you want to know more about this magical place!

Nevermore Academy: Grade Level 1

Nevermore Academy: Grade Level 1

So, the main character spends one year in the mysterious establishment. As she solves its secrets, she gets to know other students. We’ve seen werewolves, sirens, gorgons, and psychic. These creatures were at the center of the story.

They live in the same castle and wear identical Nevermore Academy vests. Additionally, they are all perceived as outcasts by the rest of the world. But if you look closer, they have their own peculiarities.

Nevermore Academy: 4 Types In Detail

What do we know about these mythical species? We’ve compiled a short description of each major group. So that you have some background before you dive into the series or rewatch it.


Werewolves - Nevermore academy number one interesting clique is humans who morph into night beasts

Nevermore Academy number one interesting clique is humans who morph into night beasts. If you look at the myths, they were mentioned as early as 425 BC in Greece. There was a tribe that transformed into wolves but only for a couple of days per year. As a rule, these monsters were never described in a good way.

But it’s different in the show. They’re forced to morph at full moon. And for the rest of the time, they’re just like other students. Except for having a more obvious pack instinct and being quite loud.

The best friend of the main character (Enid) is also a werewolf

The best friend of the main character (Enid) is also a werewolf. But she stands out from her kind. For some reason, she could not transform like the rest. This made her parents all worried. So that they even wanted to send her to a special conversion camp.

Luckily, the dynamic events at the end of the season created perfect settings for Enid. Her inner monster got out when her friend Wednesday needed it the most.


in the school the sirens are half-humans and half-fish

In Greek mythology, these creatures were either mermaids or half-birds and half-women. They were usually depicted as villains, hypnotizing sailors with their songs. One of the most famous references is in Homer’s Odyssey. The hero used beeswax to skip the danger.

But in the school, the sirens are half-humans and half-fish. They can transform into mermaids, which you’ll see in one of the episodes. The ability usually helped them win the canoe competition every year. Until Wednesday and her familiar Thing stopped them.

Bianca, a key character, has influenced the headteacher to be admitted into the institution

The species can use their song to influence others, and they’re known for abusing this power. For example, Bianca, a key character, has influenced the headteacher to be admitted into the institution. It’s a secret by the way.

Additionally, her ex-boyfriend Xavier broke up with her, fearing Bianca forced him to love her. And this even though she was wearing the trinket. It’s a special necklace that weakens a siren’s song. Or at least it’s believed to do so.


Ajax, a gorgon Taking a shower, he covered the mirror so that he wouldn't see the snakes

The Greek myths have known various gorgons. Have you heard about such creatures as Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa? The former were immortal. However, Medusa didn’t have this gift. As we know, the hero Perseus beheaded her.

The key power of these Nevermore Academy species is their hair. Or rather a bunch of snakes, the mere glimpse at which turns anyone to stone. Luckily, it’s temporary. This is why all gorgons should always cover their heads to avoid accidents.

You can watch how this ability worked in the show. Ajax, a gorgon, stoned himself (not on purpose). Taking a shower, he covered the mirror so that he wouldn’t see the snakes. However, it fell. So when he got out, he saw them and froze for some time.


Xavier is a great painter. But as a psychic, he can revive everything he draws

They are probably the most numerous. Everyone who is human and has various psychic abilities gets into this group. For example, in Nevermore Academy, Wednesday definitely has some uncontrolled abilities to see visions. Those that already happened and are about to happen.

Xavier is a great painter. But as a psychic, he can revive everything he draws. Adding to that, the boy has dreams that sometimes foretell the future. For example, he keeps seeing beasts hunting Wednesday to hurt her.

Rowan, Xavier’s roommate, commands telekinesis

Rowan, Xavier’s roommate, commands telekinesis. He moves objects with the power of his mind. For example, he tried to kill Wednesday. Once by secretly throwing a gargoyle at her. And the other – by choking her without touching. But apparently, he was not very mentally stable.

Rare Species

Some Nevermore Academy types of students were more of a mystery than others. They didn’t get enough screen time and were rarely mentioned by the main character.

The Faceless

The Faceless - wednesday 2022

Fans see them a couple of times throughout the show. But no one actually interacted with them. And there are so many questions about them! Like why do they look like that? Or how do they eat?

The creators of the series have given no explanation so far. But some contemplate that these creatures come from Japanese mythology. There are stories about Noppera-bo, faceless ghosts, that fit the description.

If we stick to the myths, we might get an explanation for what they eat. They don’t have a mouth, so their diet must be peculiar. According to stories, they turned into ghosts and scared other people. This generated energy, which they probably consumed.

Perhaps, the institution provides them with a substitute to sustain these students. Or maybe they don’t need it often. Let’s hope we’ll learn more about them in season 2.


Hydes - These species resemble werewolves

These species resemble werewolves. They can turn into huge beasts with big eyes and sharp teeth. However, they are not allowed in educational institutions because they can’t control themselves.

The founding father of the establishment, Nathaniel Faulkner, tried to understand them. He wanted to know if they knew what they were doing when slaughtering others. Unfortunately, he was killed by one of them in the process. Since then, they’re believed to be true Nevermore Academy monsters without the right to be enrolled.

Hydes may be hidden in any human without awakening. However, trauma, hypnosis, or chemicals trigger them into action. Whoever does it, becomes its master.


headteacher, Larissa Weems, can turn into anyone she wishes

We know of no students falling into this category. But the headteacher, Larissa Weems, can turn into anyone she wishes. She becomes Rowan to conceal his disappearance. Additionally, she turns into Tyler to hear the truth from the main villain Miss Thornhill.


vampires - They look pale, wear sunglasses, and are believed to spend decades in the institution

We all saw a couple of scenes featuring Yoko and other vampires. They look pale, wear sunglasses, and are believed to spend decades in the institution. If you visit the Nevermore Academy address (website), there will be a comment by Yoko. According to her own words, she will live for about 300 years.

By the way, there was a huge admission campaign for anyone who wants it. You could fill in the application and later get a reward. Some people, however, got their application to the Nevermore Academy declined.

Wrapping Up

Where is Nevermore academy near me? Well, the fastest way to dive into this universe is to watch the series. Then read fan stories, and join fandom and various communities. Some offer to create your own characters and attend a digital-based establishment.

Is Nevermore Academy in the UK? No, but if you live somewhere near Romania, come and visit the prototype of the magical institution. It’s located in Busteni, a 2-hour ride from the capital of the country Bucharest.

Plus wait for the next admission season. The previous one happened in the autumn of 2022. It’s a cool promotion strategy, so the chances are high that it will be used again. And this is how Nevermore Academy will exist for you!

Quizze: What kind of creature or type of student are you?

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