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All You Need To Know About Nevermore Academy From Wednesday

Our world has always been divided into bigger or smaller groups of people. And if we look back at history, they often experienced confrontation rather than cooperation. The universe created by Tim Burton is no different.

Here you’re either a normie or an outcast. The former group includes the majority of people on Earth. They enjoy their ordinary lives, boring jobs, family routine, and everyday events. But the latter is the total opposite, encompassing creatures who are different in so many ways. Physical peculiarities, odd traditions, and behavior distance them from the rest of humanity. The result is the emergence of a huge misunderstanding gap.

Luckily, there is peace between these 2 groups. At least officially. And if you happen to be an outcast kid, you’ll dream of a safe environment. A place, where you can be who you are, surrounded by similarly weird pals. In our case, it’s the famous Nevermore Academy.

All You Need To Know About Nevermore Academy From Wednesday

Judging by the rapidly growing Nevermore Academy fandom, many people liked the show. Or maybe we just feel like outcasts, and that’s why we’re so impressed by it? Whatever it is, it’s not the first magic school that was such a booming success. Take the Harry Potter franchise, which is a universal phenomenon now. Even years after the release of the films! It seems that this Netflix project will gain no less recognition. Or has it already?

But you should know that it’s not the first creation of the strange Addams Family. Starting as sketches in a magazine, it grew into TV adaptations, films, and animated cartoons. And now the giant streaming service has set it in a modern environment.

The main character is a teenage girl with a weird name Wednesday. After an unfortunate accident at school, she is forced to leave her home. Only to move to a boarding establishment, a special one. It hosts kids that don’t fit in with the rest of society. They’re different in a magical sense as well. Instead of suppressing their unique features, the school nourishes and develops them. What can possibly go wrong?

Well, everything was perfect. Until bloody corpses and mysterious events started to draw Wednesday like a hurricane. And she gladly dives into it. Will you dare to accompany her on this journey? If you’re not satisfied with the info on the Nevermore Academy wiki, welcome to our article. We’ll cover all you might want to know about this place. And even more!

Defended Castle

Defended Castle - Everything starts with the Nevermore Academy gate

Everything starts with the Nevermore Academy gate. It opens when the retro car carrying Wednesday and her family approaches the establishment. Does it happen magically? Or is there a clever mechanism not uncommon even in our world? Who knows.

And then there it is, a picturesque and grand building. It reminds us of a Romanian-type castle with half-oval windows, distinctive roofs, and standing-out towers. When you watch the series, pay attention to the inner yard. It has peculiarly ornamented arches and Nevermore Academy mascots. They’re supposed to be gargoyles. Instead, they represent different species that attend the school. Such as sirens, vampires, etc. (we’ll speak about them in detail below).

This educational institution even has its own logo. It’s basically a purple shield that perfectly embodies the purpose of the school. Which is to protect special kids and make them stronger. The letter N is in the center of the Nevermore Academy symbol. It denotes the name of the establishment. To make a more vivid contrast, it’s orange. Among other elements, there is a moon, a flying raven, and a shining star. The right lower corner has numbers in 2 rows – 17 and 19. It’s the year the institution was founded – 1791.

And right in the middle below the letter, there are some Latin words. Translated into English, they mean “unity is invincible”. Actually, it’s the Nevermore Academy motto that perfectly reflects the spirit of the place. The inhabitants are different from the rest of the world. But if they support each other and keep together, they’re stronger than them all!

Another memorable spot in the castle is Ophelia Hall. It’s a room where the main character and her werewolf friend live. Everything is ordinary here: 2 beds, enough space for girls, desks, wardrobes. But the Nevermore Academy window is a real treasure here. Decorated with stained glass, it creates colorful shades in the room: pink, blue, yellow, etc. Not surprising at all that Wednesday didn’t like it. It simply doesn’t suit her style. So, she removed glass fragments from her part of the window. So that it looks like an ominous spider’s web.

If you’re eager to learn more about it, check out this Nevermore Academy wikipedia link.

Teachers and Students

Teachers and Students - The students are all very memorable and interesting in their own right

The core of the establishment is a team of Nevermore Academy teachers. They’re not numerous but are united with one goal. Which is to help kids reveal their potential. The faculty crew includes the following mentors:

Although not part of the school, Dr. Valerie Kinbott is also worth mentioning. She is a therapist in town played by Riki Lindhome.

But the whole thing exists for children, so it’s vital to mention them as well. They’re as diverse as an institution for outcasts can be. Nevermore Academy students are divided into several groups:

  • Werewolves (e.g., Enid Sinclair who finally transforms into a beast on a full moon)
  • Gorgones (e.g., Ajax with snakes on his head; looking at them turns anyone into stone)
  • Sirens (e.g., Bianca who can manipulate others with her songs)
  • Nevermore Academy no face dudes (their powers are not mentioned in the show)
  • Talented humans (e.g., Xavier is a psychic)

Hope season 2 will reveal more species. As well as uncover interesting information about those we already know!

Inside the School

Inside the School - Nevermore academy lessons span various subjects to provide kids with a well-rounded education

Nevermore academy lessons span various subjects to provide kids with a well-rounded education. The series shows us only a tiny fraction of it. We’re sure there are such classes as botany, species reproduction, anatomy, and sports.

Kids can’t wear any clothes they want. There is a uniform obligatory for all. It’s purple with black stripes. Looks great!

Once Nevermore Academy classes are over, some extracurricular activities are available. For example, children can perfect their marksmanship skills in the archery club. Or spend time with bees and honey. Watch the show yourself to learn about other opportunities Nevermore Academy cliques offer.

There are also annual events, such as:

  1. Outreach Day. It’s a special occasion when children interact with normies
  2. Edgar Allan Poe Cup. It’s a competition between canoe teams that includes crossing a lake and grabbing flags. Only speed matters here
  3. Rave’N. It’s an annual dancing party dedicated to a specific theme. This time, it featured fog, cool lights, and a huge ice figure behind the DJ
  4. Parent’s Day. It’s a weekend when parents are allowed to spend time with their children. They discuss Nevermore Academy grades and many other things

Filming Location


Filming Location - The action of the series takes place in the USA

The action of the series takes place in the USA. However, the filming crew traveled to Romania for picturesque castles and sets. The image of the school itself was inspired by a Cantacuzino Castle. It’s a real and impressive building in Busteni, a small mountain town. So, is Nevermore Academy legit? Well, at least it has a physical manifestation. You can come and marvel at this sightseeing location.

But, of course, you won’t find the Nevermore Academy rating or other information. It’s a fictional institution. But the creators of the show come up with various tricks to keep fans entertained. First of all, they have an official-looking website about the school. It describes the establishment as though it’s a real thing. You’ll even enjoy a welcoming video from the principal and students.

Secondly, you can follow the Nevermore Academy Twitter. There you’ll find posts about the show. Not long ago, there was an enrollment campaign. It inspired fans to fill in the application and try to get into this educational institution!

Another recent popular phenomenon is the Nevermore Academy oc. These letters stand for Original Character. Various platforms (social media) offer to join communities dedicated to this establishment. Here you can create your own character! You’ll fill in questionnaires, make mood boards, read the rules, and have fun. It’s a great way to befriend people who share your passion for the show.

Real Website: Nevermore Academy Inscrieri!

Real Website: Nevermore Academy Inscrieri

Is it true that you could try to get enrolled in this magical place? Yes! Or at least there was such an opportunity. If you visited the website in autumn 2022, you could find the Nevermore Academy email. There used to be a form with questions that were fun to fill in. Lots of people happily jumped at the opportunity and shared their experiences on social media.

But the Nevermore Academy application is not working anymore. So, don’t try to find and use it. Not long ago, there was a post that the enrollment was over. It dates back to the 30th of November 2022. So, this was probably the Nevermore Academy deadline.


Merch - The show is living through a massive wave of popularity these days

The show is living through a massive wave of popularity these days. No wonder there are lots of goods to buy that are dedicated to the series. For example, Nevermore Academy PJs.

You’ll find other cool things on this website:

  • backpacks
  • jackets
  • T-shirts
  • nice cups

Were you impressed by the stained glass in the main character’s room? You can get one on your wall as well! Just order this realistic picture: it’s available with a black and white background.

But one of the most in-demand garment pieces is the Nevermore Academy hat.

Wrapping Up

Will we see more of Nevermore Academy in Wednesday? Definitely! It’ll become the key setting once again. And it’ll show us more secrets hidden in that old institution.

Visit the Nevermore academy application Reddit thread to learn more about the already finished enrollment. Here you’ll read about exciting facts that are connected with the event. And watch all 8 episodes if you haven’t done it yet!

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