Learning chords from the Wednesday dance music scene

Learning chords from the Wednesday dance music scene

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Today we’re going to take apart with you the tunes of Goo Goo Muck Chords by The Cramps and Bloody Mary, performed by Lady Gaga on piano, guitar and ukulele, it also the song from the Wednesday dance scene that has gone viral on all social media, including YouTube and Tik-Tok. For starters.

Let’s listen to this tune from start to finish.

In the original scene, Wednesday Addams danced to the song Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps, but Tiktokers reimagined the episode and matched it with a very different soundtrack. For some reason, users chose the track Bloody Mary, performed by Lady Gaga.

Wednesday showcases her dancing skills in the fourth episode of the darkly hit Netflix. This episode, as well as the entire season, is set at Nevermore Academy, which is designed for outcast teens with unusual abilities. However, Wednesday proves to be too much of a standout even by the standards of that school. This is evident in the swirling scene – in the plot, the heroine’s dance grabs everyone’s attention by its strangeness. In addition, unlike the other students dressed in white, she appears in a black evening gown.

The dance from the series was so liked by the users of Tik-Tok, that now they are trying to repeat the movements of the heroine exactly to the song of Lady Gaga. The song, by the way, although it did not sound in the original scene, but still fits it well in meaning. The chorus of Bloody Mary is completely devoted to the passionate dance of the lyrical heroine.

Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary (Sped Up) – Wednesday Piano Tutorial

However, it is not to say that the composition Goo Goo Muck (the track was released in 1981) was undeservedly forgotten. It also became much more often listened to on music services.

Listening to the song “Goo Goo Muck” by rock band The Cramps has increased by 50 times thanks to the TV series “Wednesday”.

Before the series premiere, “Goo Goo Muck” averaged 2,500 listens by Americans on Spotify, and the number jumped to 134,000 after its release. On streaming, the track has nearly 10 million listens.

How To Play Goo Goo Muck – Wednesday Dance Music (Piano Tutorial Lesson)

So let’s start learning how to play this tune on the piano. For convenience, we will break the melody into several parts. That way it will be easier to learn.

The first part is played four times, then the second part is played twice, then the first part is played twice again and then the third part and then back to the first part. The first part is played twice, so yes, quite a few sections, but it’s actually very easy, it’s like patterns.

The first part is first we learn the right hand separately, then the left hand.

The first part is first we learn the right hand separately, then the left hand

The first part starts with the F note of the second octave. Here is the first Octave in the middle, above the second octave starts with the note F of the second octave – F twice, E twice further, D twice further, C sharp twice further. Once again we play f- F, E-mi, D sharp, then D for the first octave twice, then D sharp, then D Once again from the beginning: fa fa, mi, re to sharp, la la to sharp, re.

Now we showed you just the second finger. Now we will show you the complete fingering: we will start with the fifth finger on the note in the second octave with the fifth finger f-fa, E, then the fourth finger E-mi, the third finger to a diz with the second one, then again

With the third finger, for the first octave with the first finger to A twice, then to sharp with the second finger.

Once again play at a slow tempo, then play a little faster. Now combine playing with both hands.

Learning Goo Goo Muck Chords by The Cramps on the Guitar

Easy to read because all parts are with open chords

Learning Goo Goo Muck Chords by The Cramps on the Ukulele

Goo Goo Muck Chords by The Cramps on the Ukulele

Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga  – Easy Guitar Tutorial With Chords / Lyrics

Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary Easy Ukulele Tutorial With Chords / Lyrics

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