Wednesday Addams dance is a 2-minute scene that has become iconic

Why the Wednesday Addams Dance Has Become a Cultural Phenomenon

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Once in a while, visual art produces imagery that becomes truly iconic. To accomplish such a level of recognition, a work of fiction has to be groundbreaking. Typically, this is more characteristic of newer releases, rather than age-old IPs. But sometimes, modern interpretations of timeless classics are able to pull it off. In Netflix’s recent reboot, the Addams Family Wednesday dance episode was a definite highlight.

Wednesday Addams dance is a 2-minute scene that has become iconic

The strange, yet oddly beautiful performance by Jenna Ortega blew audiences away. Meanwhile, the show has tons of other interesting content to offer. The screenwriters put together a gripping narrative set in a school for supernaturally gifted children. The result is an exciting blend of adventure, comedy, horror, and teen drama.

So what is it that makes the Wednesday Addams dance episode stand out? This article will provide some context, compare it to previous installments, and explain the appeal.

Unbridled Self-expression

For those unaware, the series takes place in a specialized educational establishment called Nevermore Academy. The protagonist was sent there after an incident at her previous school. However, before performing her signature Wednesday Addams dance, Wednesday wasn’t particularly fond of the arrangement. Even her magically-endowed peers tend to see her as rather odd and arrogant.

Nevertheless, the web of intrigue and mystery has kept her from running away. And even the local social events didn’t bother the heroine as much. The annual ball became the culmination of several important storylines. Coincidentally, it was the heroine’s time to shine.

Thanks to the Wednesday Addams dance, episode 4 will surely go down in history. It quickly became a fan-favorite and started numerous online trends. Influencers and regular users of TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram continue posting their recreations of it. Beautiful cinematography and dynamic editing aside, the routine itself is fantastic. It’s intense, edgy, and different in the best sense.

Dissecting the Wednesday Addams Dance Number

It’s notoriously challenging to determine the exact circumstances that make a perfect storm. There is no single ingredient that makes for a successful recipe. In this case, multiple elements came together to create a harmonious and memorable mixture:

  • The jaw-dropping outfit that Thing bought for the big night fits the occasion wonderfully. In order to craft the phenomenal Wednesday Addams dance dress, Netflix hired Colleen Atwood. Her design captures the essence of the character and amplifies it tenfold.
  • The underlying emotional component. The standoffish young lady always acts like she’s too good for friendships and relationships. And yet, the raw stream of passion raging underneath is evident throughout the sequence.
  • Surprisingly, the Wednesday Addams dance choreographer was none other than the actress herself. In retrospect, this makes a ton of sense. No one else could possibly understand the inner workings of the cold mind better.
  • The reactions of the supporting cast help solidify the effect. Periodically cutting to Tyler, the principal, and Enid was a brilliant choice.
  • The soundtrack is spot-on. The groovy song pays the original Wednesday Addams dance homage without sounding outdated. It also contributes to the weird, quirky vibe of the experience.

One small change and hours of work would have amounted to nothing. Fortunately, the producers knew exactly what they were doing. And of course, they had an incredibly talented team on their side. Regardless of how the idea looked on paper, the execution ended up being top-notch.

Download the song Goo Goo Muck

Wednesday Addams Dance Choreography Breakdown

As mentioned earlier, the star of the reimagining came up with the dramatic composition herself. She put significant effort into making it representative of the character’s personality. It sheds light on her wilder, more unhinged side. The motions are reminiscent of those of a marionette controlled by an invisible puppet master. For coordinating something as unconventional as the Wednesday Addams dance moves, inspiration is crucial.

According to the performer, it came from various sources. Apparently, the overall style used to be quite popular with the 80s goth crowd. At the same time, the footwork was influenced by the previous iterations of the franchise. It goes back to the earliest portrayals of the death-obsessed, emotionless little girl. The fact that many Wednesday Addams dance images are monochrome is a testament to that.

Furthermore, her family has always been fond of the arts and recreational pastimes. Morticia, Gomez, and even Uncle Fester know how to bust a groove. They are even proficient in several styles, from tango to the Mamushka. In fact, there is a whole musical featuring the ghoulish, yet likable family. But every Wednesday Addams dance, old and new, is unapologetically weird, and bizarrely captivating.

This take manages to be both unnerving and extremely cool at the same time. It’s as if a demon-possessed teenager was trying to regain control of her body. The delivery proves that she truly does not care what others think of her. She will always be her dark self, even around her fellow oddballs and freaks.

Wednesday Addams Dance – New and Old

The universe originated back in the 30s as a series of comedic cartoons. The author could hardly imagine how much his creation would expand. Over the years, there have been many incarnations of the material. Every single one of them had its own distinct charm. Since the early days, the family members have been artistically inclined and expressive.

Possibly, the first Wednesday Addams dance, the Drew, was featured in the 60s sitcom. The adorable kid played by Lisa Loring decides to help Lurch with his romantic predicament. She puts on a popular record and tries to teach the butler a contemporary dance. Fans of the new rendition have recently rediscovered the clip and noticed some similarities. Incidentally, internet users had turned it into a meme format years ago.

As a backing track to the old-school Wednesday Addams dance, Megadeth is hilariously jarring. Watching the duo boogie to the Symphony of Destruction never gets old. Attempting to modernize the franchise while being respectful of its legacy was a risky undertaking. Fortunately, the showrunners have succeeded. The views speak for themselves, and the second season is already in the works.

Other Influences

If you think of the strangeness of the Addams family, Wednesday’s dance is another demonstration of it

While preparing for the shoot, Ortega didn’t limit her research exclusively to the previous installments. As it turns out, she pulled her Wednesday Addams dance inspo from wherever she could:

  • Footage from goth clubs in the 1980s
  • Videos, films, and onstage performances featuring Siouxsie Sioux’s, Lene Lovich, and Denis Lavant
  • The Broadway musical Sweet Charity, specifically The Aloof with Bob Fosse

The star has clearly done the extensive groundwork to put the scene together. And she did an amazing job of creating something unique, despite referencing many other works. During the making of the Wednesday Addams dance, movie magic was also a significant aspect.

Such an outstanding result wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the filming crew. During the post-production stage, visual artists applied subtle but impactful effects to refine the outcome. And it goes without saying that Tim Burton’s direction was masterful. His distinctive vision is evident in every frame without becoming overwhelming.

Music of the Wednesday dance scene

Download the Music of the Wednesday dance scene

Wednesday Addams Dance – From TV Show to Social Media

It’s difficult to say whether the creators anticipated this 2-minute fragment to go viral. Typically, intentionally hyping something up online comes off as a disingenuous strategy. Communities of enthusiasts are very sensitive to anything artificial and forced. Their radar goes off instantly, blocking any attempt at fabricated promotion. But after witnessing the Wednesday Addams dance, Instagram users, YouTubers, and influencers went wild.

It didn’t take long for the trend to emerge on other platforms. Everyone was eager to share their latest Wednesday Addams dance pic in a striking getup. Unsurprisingly, TikTokers have soon become the most prominent cultivators and consumers of the craze. Format-wise, the app is perfect for this type of content. Countless pros and amateurs have submitted their tributes to the awesome display. Other outlets followed suit.

The scene has also triggered a huge wave of TikTok activity

The Wednesday Addams dance NYTimes article views it as a culturally-significant moment. According to their analysis, the visually stunning scene conveys a deeper message. The remarkable piece of television is also an invitation to stand out from the crowd. It’s time to embrace everyone’s quirks and celebrate, rather than subdue, them. It’s only fitting that fans have started to experiment with the formula.

The alternative Wednesday Addams dance hip hop, rock, and metal versions are amusing and refreshing. Teachers and instructors are also having a field day with this turn of events. For them, it’s an opportunity to showcase their tutorials and attract thousands of viewers. The potential for growth is huge, and it would be unwise to ignore it.

Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary FULL HD (TikTok Remix | Speed Up)

Lady Gaga Does WEDNESDAY Dance on TikTok

Interesting Facts and Trivia

Any project that receives worldwide renown becomes a subject of lively discussion. The Wednesday Addams dance ep is no exception. As it grows increasingly influential, fascinating bits of information continue to surface:

  • Self-admittedly, Jenna is not a trained dancer. Upon reflection, she believes that the idea of choreographing everything herself was overly ambitious. And although thankful for the positive reception, she continues to second-guess her artistic decisions.
  • Dreaming up a worthy Wednesday Addams dance called for a suitable musical accompaniment. The Cramps’ Goo Goo Muck set a superb mood and provided a mesmerizing rhythm. Additionally, the lyrics describing a monster on the hunt at night couldn’t be more appropriate.
  • One of the fan-made videos synced up the footage to Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary. Soon after, the pop icon jumped on the bandwagon herself. Watching her portrayal of Wednesday Addams ‘dance, dance, dance’ to the aforementioned hit is delightful. Jenna Ortega, who happens to be a long-time fan of hers, was absolutely thrilled.
  • As she later realized, Jenna was sick with COVID on the day of the shoot. Despite feeling under the weather, she pulled it off. Moreover, she had to improvise some of the moves right on set. Perhaps, her fatigued state made the already eerie Wednesday Addams dance look even more convincing.

Keep in mind that the list above merely scratches the surface. In the future, more peculiar details are bound to come to light. Who knows what else went down on the fateful day and prior to it? Considering how many talented individuals were involved, some are probably yet to share their stories. For now, there is a lot to unpack as it is.

Recreating the Wednesday Addams Dance at the Raven

Seeing so many people share their spins on the ballroom extravaganza is inspiring. Even the most underwhelming submissions deserve recognition for trying their best. Criticizing others is easy, but actually making something requires focus and dedication.

To save themselves some trouble, inexperienced performers should consider the following tips:

  1. Check out every Wednesday Addams dance reel to get in the right mind space. The cinematic version has the advantage of editing and post-production. Regular TikTokers don’t have the same luxury. Learn from their mistakes and build on the previously established foundation.
  2. Do some research on how to make an eye-catching thumbnail. Take a look at hundreds of existing Wednesday Addams dance pictures. Make note of the most striking ones and analyze what’s different about them.
  3. Lessons and step-by-step guides can be extremely helpful. Simply repeating after someone else is trickier than it sounds. Verbal explanations give a better understanding of the mechanics involved.
  4. Pick a theme. Make a Wednesday Addams dance 1990 or 2020 edition. Set it in Victorian times, or add a pinch of cyberpunk. There is nothing wrong with going for vanilla esthetics. But something experimental, exotic, and unexpected tends to gain traction much faster.
  5. Prepare the location. Ensure that the lighting is as flattering as possible. Apply various color filters to create an unmistakable atmosphere. Design an authentic Wednesday Addams dance background with a few personal strokes.
  6. Put together a memorable look. Go through the wardrobe to find stylish and comfortable clothes and accessories. Open the make-up kit and browse through the available shadows, highlights, and contours. If there are not enough items to make it work, don’t get discouraged. Instead, simply order a high-quality ready-made Wednesday Addams dance costume from an online store.

Taking these suggestions on board is beneficial, but not obligatory. After all, the point is not to copy everyone else, but to be genuine. Feel free to invent fresh combinations and play with contrasts. When it comes to the Wednesday Addams dance, techno, punk, and even country could work. There is no limit to what a lively imagination can dream up. Surprise the fandom with bold ideas and have fun with the task.

Finally, don’t ignore other mediums. Even though currently short-form video content is all the rage, static posts aren’t obsolete. Organizing a spectacular Wednesday Addams dance photo shoot seems like a viable alternative. Going that route is a lot easier from the pre-production standpoint. There is no need to worry about sound, timeline synchronization, and VFX. The entire session shouldn’t take longer than a couple of hours.

This concludes the overview of the sensation that took the world by storm. Hopefully, it has helped the uninitiated fully appreciate the mark it’s made. Thanks to the Wednesday Addams dance scene, episode 4 will never be forgotten. It has already been hugely impactful and impressed millions of people. Even those who are completely out of touch with current events are aware of it. And yet, it is but a fraction of what makes the show great.

The next chapter of the saga could introduce even more exciting developments and character arcs. Given the extraordinary renown of the Wednesday Addams dance, which episode could possibly top that? As long as the level of production doesn’t drop, that shouldn’t be an issue. Apparently, the writers already have plans for as many as 4 consequent seasons. It would be great to see more of the education process, drama and murders aside.

Further exploration of the paranormal also couldn’t hurt. Whatever the case may be, the IP is in good hands. And after witnessing the Wednesday Addams dance, young generations will likely revisit the earlier installments. The precursors aged like fine wine and hold up exceptionally well. Just stay open-minded and be ready for slightly different depictions of the mystifying household. Each is enjoyable in its own right and highly entertaining.

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