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The “Wednesday” TV series is on top in 83 countries all over the world

The young somber lady’s fans have been looking forward to an entire storyline involving her. Will there be any Wednesday Addams TV show depicting her as a major character? After a long wait, it finally happened. 

Fresh Wednesday Addams series with features of horror and comedy came out in 2022. Its release occurred on Netflix in November and became an instant hit. Produced by the legendary Tim Burton, it tells us about Addamses’ daughter and her adventures. 

Depicted by Jenna Ortega, she appears as an antisocial person with a rebellious streak. On top of that, nature has granted her supernatural abilities. The girl decides to take revenge for her brother who is bullied by his schoolmates. Wednesday lets out piranhas into the pool where they’re playing water polo. 

As a result, she is dismissed from school. And her parents make a decision to send their daughter for studies at Nevermore. They also graduated from the academy themselves, so it would be a generational thing. 

In the process of settling down in a new place, Wednesday goes through various occasions. Her relationships with other students aren’t so smooth due to her gloomy nature. Meanwhile, the girl attempts to master her psychic powers and investigate recurring mysterious murders. 

Wednesday Addams: character details

The gothic lady deserves a more specific description. What is Wednesday Addams’ real name? Actually, the title doesn’t represent the complete version of what her parents called her at birth. Wednesday Addams’ middle name is Friday which is due to the day she was born.

How old is she? Wednesday Addams’ age in the 2022 series is 16. And, as we know from related video products and the original comics, she’s Latin American. So is Ortega who portrays the character. Thus, Wednesday Addams’ ethnicity perfectly matches the actress’ origin.

The girl’s appearance in the series is quite remarkable. It’s built on many signature features the character has been retaining since earlier video works. Her paleness and white collar make a sharp contrast with the austere black dress. This clearly gothic image is enhanced by pitch-black braided pigtails and an ever-somber facial expression.

Wednesday Addams character depiction


As for the character’s personality, it isn’t any brighter than the appearance. Generally, this is an emotionless and cold person with a tint of morbid humor. If there was Wednesday Addams’ husband in the plot, he’d escape right after their wedding.

The lady serves as an inspiration and a role model for many teenagers. They want to take a deeper look at her nature and find similarities with themselves. It causes numerous speculations. An illustrative example is a recently developed topic concerning Wednesday Addams’ zodiac sign on Reddit.

Although this information has never been revealed by the authors, it’s exciting to make guesses. Wednesday Addams’ zodiac chart would clear up a lot of things about her extraordinary personality. Unfortunately, there are only conjectures.

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Nevermore Academy

WEDNESDAY Nevermore Academy

The protagonist’s place of study is an unusual academy called Nevermore. It’s a cradle of all types of freaks who were rejected by normal society. Here they can freely develop their unique abilities and express themselves the way they want to.

However, there are rules maintained by the principal and a diverse schedule. Also, this high school is known for being an Alma Mater to notable personalities. Such as Edgar Allen Poe or else, Wednesday’s parents. Whose portraits look down on the alumni from the academy’s majestic halls.

Iconic dance

An absolutely trendy moment with Wednesday Addams on Youtube is from the series’ fourth episode. It’s her dance at the school party where she performs a peculiar set of moves.

They look mechanical, yet so energetic. Besides, the style is based on iconic gothic dances from the 80s.


The idea of drawing comics about a gothic family belongs to Charles Addams. His first work appeared in The New Yorker in 1938. You can find more details about the creator of Wednesday Addams on Wikipedia. While we’re just going to say he was an American cartoonist who loved macabre.

Chronology of all related video products

The Addams Family movie appeared in 1991

  • The family members first received their names in the 1964 TV series. It wasn’t just parents with their daughter and son. There were also Morticia’s odd uncle called Fester, butler Lurch, and elderly Grandmama. Besides, the family had some sort of pets living with them. One of them, Gomez’s cousin, was known as Itt. Another one was Thing which is a separated human hand. In addition, Morticia and Gomez’s little son Pugsley owned an octopus, Aristotle.
  • The first animated series appeared on the screens in 1973. After that, there hadn’t been any video adaptation filmed for almost 20 years.
  • In 1991, the audience finally had a full-meter film. It was called The Addams family. Two years later, the franchise continued with a sequel. Both works starred a number of notable artists, such as Christina Ricci. Her rendition of the character became iconic. Wednesday Addams’ rating portrayed by the actress is still one of the highest.
  • In 1992-1993, one more animated series came to light.
  • The year 1998 brings us the “Addams Family Reunion”. The work included elements of horror and comedy. Besides that, television started broadcasting a sitcom called “The New Addams Family”. It lasted until 1999.
  • The fiction was revived with a 3D-animated film in 2019. It went on with the 2021 sequel and both works were moderately successful.
  • The latest themed work came out in November 2022 and instantly became a hit. In this Netflix adaptation, the 16-year-old gothic teenager gets all the attention. Maybe it’s due to Wednesday Addams’ age that her rating has grown exceptionally high. A lot of teens started to copy her manners and quote her in their posts. As we can see, Tim Burton made a great version of Wednesday Addams in 2022. Characters around her in the series also deserve a few words. Christina Ricci unexpectedly appears as a supporting actress. She plays the girl’s botany teacher.

Second season

Netflix plans a second season of the movie

As for the new adventures of Wednesday, there was no official announcement yet. But probably, it’s too early to ask. The show is currently at its peak of popularity. Besides, it takes time to shoot an entire season.

However, we have some details about the future of the project from the scriptwriters. They already see how the storylines could evolve. For instance, the protagonist’s relationship with her mother can come into focus.

The process of changing the gloomy girl’s worldview is also an interesting aspect to develop. Her fellow students may have an influence on her uncompromising behavior. Which can ultimately soften the strict, black-and-white mindset.

But even without a continuation coming, Wednesday Addams’ name has had an impact on viewers. She was portrayed before by many talented actresses. Nevertheless, this seems to be one of the best renditions of the character so far.

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